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Brian Head Skier Village | Coming to Brian Head?

Posted by Scott on November 16, 2007

Brian Head Skier Village Rendering

The Brian Head Ski Resort seeks approval from the Brian Head Town Planning Commission to develop a new 500,000 square foot development consisting of commercial, residential and just plain old prime recreation and luxury resort property. This development is known as the Brian Head Skier Village and seeks to be the focal point of Brian Head. Although its economic benefits for the town are something almost nobody can dispute, locals are torn, finding it difficult to accept the proposed development, making the Skier Village a controversial discussion.

The Skier Village will bring potentially 270 additional condos that will be sold as a condo/hotel project. An additional 60,000 square feet commercial space will represent the central focus or “hub” for retail shops, ticket windows, ski schools, rental shops, deli(s), coffee shops, etc. Included will also be a skier cafeteria to handle 300 skiers with outdoor and fine dining with a lounge. You will also find a state-of-the-art fitness facility with pool and private club for members, owners and guests.

Brian Head Skier VillageThe lower level of this magnificent architectural structure will include employee facilities, lockers, public restrooms, private day lockers for skies and underground parking. Above the commercial hub and in the rooftops, the design call for condominiums. The Skier Village seems to be something that everyone would approve of, both for the skiers’ experience and for the much desired growth of Brian Head. However, the planning commission is slow to give recommendation to the town council for the final approval of the project.

Parking seems to be a major concern for the circulation of this little town. The Skier Village calls for 200 open parking spaces to be available at the base of Giant Steps. An additional 350+ spaces of underground parking will be available for owners. The resort has made accommodations for additional parking at the Navajo Ski Lodge and above the ski slopes at the maintenance yard throughout the year. “With the addition of two new ski lifts and the interconnect bridge, we feel that our parking plan adequately accommodates our future needs” says Henry Hornberger, Brian Head Resort General Manager.

Building height is raising additional struggles for Brian Head Ski Resort. The current Land Management Code (LMC) of Brian Head currently calls for building heights not to exceed 50′ max height to the peak of the roof. In 2006, the planning commission granted height flexibility under certain requirements to the Summit development. The Skier Village also needs flexibility but needs building height of 88′ with a clock tower extending another 12 vertical feet. Some fear that the height will ruin the aesthetics of Brian Head and diminish views of the ski mountain. The architectural firm, Hart Howarton Architects continue to express the need for this request to accomplish both financial and architectural goals.

A major desire that emerged from the public input is to create a focal point for the town and a pedestrian oriented core commercial area with a variety of activities and memorable images that can become a “downtown” of Brian Head. One question is, Does the development tie into existing commercial area that extends from near Bear Flat Road to the Giant Steps ski area? Nearly all agree unanimously, yes.

Brian Head Skier Village Site Plan

One determination is to ensure that this is fully integrated into the existing commercial.  Some argue existing shops are being disregarded. However, the resort feels that they have integrated this project with walkways and access to and from the Mall and ski lifts. In fact, as Village Way continues to be developed into the central commercial core of Brian Head, chair lift #3 will be relocated to the north of the Mall and has every opportunity to be fully integrated into the master planned central commercial core.

In summary, the proposed Skier Village is the next step to enhance Village Way as the commercial core of Brian Head fulfilling the vision of the General Plan. The resort sees this need and is making huge strides in attempting to improve the resort to become a main attraction for thousands of visitors. Perhaps an additional 500,000 square feet of living, recreation and commercial area is the next step. With no ability to increase the size of the mountain, the resort has increased skiable terrain, they have plans to improve chair lifts, and are now attempting to develop something great, enhancing the visitors’ experience.

There are many people who have expressed excitement with the recent growth of Brian Head as it continues to become a year round resort. The growth of Brian Head has momentum. Although there are those who would like to see Brian Head remain a small community, most people I talk with about the Skier Village are excited, optimistic and support Brian Head Resort’s progress.

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