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Brian Head Publicity

Posted by Scott on April 5, 2008

Brian Head SkiingBrian Head is receiving a lot of publicity these days. And rightfully so. The growth of this little mountain town has been expected and anticipated by many. New developments, new skier bridge, new ski terrain and new people. Brian Head hasn’t been talked about this much for a long-long time.

5 new developments are currently being sold. Each one is heavily marketing and promoting their developments on radio and TV, in magazines and on billboards. (See to view new developments). From recent conversations with developers and/or their representatives, sales are strong. As of this spring, all new developments will either begin construction or continue from where they finished last year. The market is strong and buyers are taking advantage of the buyers’ market.

Park City Picture

The resort spent thousands of dollars promoting the opening of the new Wildflower chair lift and interconnect bridge providing food, entertainment, clothing, hats, discounted lift tickets, fireworks and even Santa Clause was there.

To the left you see a picture of Park City. In the 1950’s, Park City was known as the “Ghost Town of the West”. Today it is one one the country’s most desired recreation towns. Many will dispute that Brian Head will ever experience the same growth as Park City.

Recently Brian Head Resort has undertaken the approval of what is called “The Skier Village“. The exciting news that Brian Head Resort is trying to further their expansion with a 500,000 square foot condo/hotel/commercial development gives visitors hope that someday more entertainment activities and dining options will compliment their experience to Brian Head. So does this sort of growth fit Brian Head? I’d like to hear your comments on that but one thing is for sure the attention will increase, people will continue to discover the town and building will happen. Perhaps the new tagline for Brian Head should be “New”.

See you on the mountain.


One Response to “Brian Head Publicity”

  1. Bonzai said

    I like the look of this plan and especially the architecture. So it wins on style. However I think the “village” concept is outmoded and outdated. If you want to stand out as a brand (gag) then stand out as different. Pardon the cliche but how bout some planning and thinking outside the box? Crowding the base of the mountain with what is essentially a super mega lodge makes the environment too urban chic for such a small but cool hill. Good Lord sell the hill don’t hide it. Because Brian Head is so unique in terms of plateau topography this complex would be so much better suited perched somewhere with a massive valley view rather than merely looking up the hill. A hill this size which is small by most standards needs to breath. Unless there is hope of expanding terrain massively in the future or having at least a few quad detachables then this plan clearly is a delusion of grand proportions.

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