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Board with the Pro’s this weekend

Posted by Scott on January 26, 2009

Brian Head Resort

Brian Head Resort


Pre –‘Chill on the Hill’  party is bumpin at Brian Head Resort.

Brian Head Resort hosts the Pre-“Chill on the Hill” event with Area 107.9. This party will be epic as Professional Athletes and Snow Enthusiasts shred the “gnar” on the “Organized Confusion” Terrain Parks   at Brian Head Resort.

Brian Head, UT, January 30-31st,2009- The JibYard (an indoor training facility) and Red Bull have teamed up with Area 107.9 and Brian Head Resort to present absolute mayhem on the mountain. A select group of Athletes know as “The After Bang Jibyard Gang” have been invited to attend Pre-“Chill on the Hill”. This annual party is highlighting Pro ski/snowboarders, which gives us “normal riders” a chance to hang out with the Pros. All weekend the “Jibyard Gang” will be free riding with anyone who wants to join. Afterwards they will be signing autographs, taking pictures, and partying the night away. The Athletes will be rolling into the Resort on the G&S Excursion party bus Friday morning’ish and will spend the whole weekend showing their “stease”(style and ease). If the riding gets a little cold, don’t you worry. We have the “BHR Igloo Party Tent set up for all your slope-side eating and drinking needs.                                                     Remember don’t drink and ride…you might spill your beer.

Brian Head Resort has been working to bring in diversity and originality. With the “Organized Confusion” Terrain Parks, any rider, pro or shmo, can come and session at their own level. We’ve got kickers, we’ve got boxes, we’ve got rails, we even have junk that you can jib. Keep your eyes peeled as you are slashing “pow” for Red Bulls from the   “Wings Girls”. When it’s all said and done, missing this weekend would be like missing your own wedding….

For more information on “The After Bang Jib Yard Gang” i.e. Seth Hill, Tim Russell, Peter Olenick, Max Kuszaj, Craig Coker, Derek Dennison, Heath Ordway, Dash Long, CR Johnson, Jon Symms, Tanner Rainville and Tae Westcott, and more………. check out
Fri. January 30th – 12:30 – Jib Yard Gang Shows up and free riding begins.

                                 2:30 – Pro Demo at the Jibberace’ Park in “Organized Confusion

                                 3:30 till ?? – Autograph signing, music, partying in the “BHR Igloo, Night Party Begins

Sat. January 31st – 12:30 – Another Free Ride with anyone who wants to join;

                                  2:30 – Pro Demo at the Jibberace’ Park in “Organized Confusion

                                  3:30 – Jibyard Gang Takes off

The After Bang Jib Yard Gang

The After Bang Jib Yard Gang


2 Responses to “Board with the Pro’s this weekend”

  1. Scott said

    There is a rumor that Shaun White will be coming to Brian Head. At this point in time it is only a rumor. Shaun is certainly invited. If you know how to get in contact with Shaun, please either invite him or have him give me a call. Scott (435) 590-7106.

  2. snocon said

    Sounds like quite the event. Even better if Shaun shows up.

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