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Brian Head Lofts – $265,000

Posted by Scott on July 23, 2009

2 bed 2 bath 1,582 sq ft for only $330,000

2 bed 2 bath 1,582 sq ft for only $330,000. It is the front corner unit. Includes garage.

This condo is 1,582 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms offered at only $330,000 NOW ONLY $288,000  – NOW ONLY $265,000. I can’t believe it, I’m starting to sound like a…never mind. WE’RE SLASHING PRICES AND I HAVE MORE!. The most unique characteristic of this development are the large 20 foot window in the front maximizing the mountain (and neighbor) views. All interior finishes are upgraded. This particular unit is bank owned with missing appliances, counter mounted sinks and some hardware. With a good carpet cleaning and replaced appliances, this is a one of a kind.

Those who are familiar with Brian Heads market know The Lofts at Brian Head is one of the newest developments on the mountain quickly receiving the talk of the town. Investors from all over jumped at the opportunity to purchase one of these elite new additions to quaint little town.  This particular unit was purchased in November of 2007 for $605,000. A year and a half later, the exact unit is now available at only $330,000.  I’d like to say this is a screaming deal. It is a fantastic price for this unit and I guarantee you that everyone who purchased or is in contract to purchase the buildings that haven’t been built yet are frustrated with the market changes. They wish they were you and able to purchase for this price.

Brian Head is one of those locations great for summer and winter retreats.

The Lofts at Brian Head Interior

The Lofts at Brian Head Interior


2 Responses to “Brian Head Lofts – $265,000”

  1. Daniel Tai said

    Is the lofts unit still available?

    • judy tuttle said

      I heard the lofts went bankrupt, and took alot of peoples money, and they got nothing, so what is going on??????????Have spent tons of money with attorney fees, and have gotten nothing, there are many people.

      What is being done about this.

      I would like to know if this is true.

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