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Proposed Tax Increase 18%

Posted by Scott on August 26, 2009

Yesterday, the town held a council meeting proposing a tax increase of 18.38% above what is already charged. The Spectrum has a great article you can read. Is the the town really interested in the public imput or are they already set on approving the tax increase? Local comments from town employees suggest that the town has intension of increaseing the taxes and are just going through the motion of holding public meetings as required by law.

Key points:

  • Tax Increase will help balance the 2010 budget
  • Don’t raise taxes – cut spending (Pay raise for council member, office supplys, and council travil)
  • Annexed properties have already increased the tax revenue
  • Increasing taxes will reduce sales
  • $ will be taken away from business owners ultimately driving businesses out of town
  • What are the current taxes being used for?
  • 2009 shows higher revenues than expenses


One Response to “Proposed Tax Increase 18%”

  1. Paul Frederiksen said

    I just wanted to thank the property owners and business people who attended the “Truth In Taxation” Town Council meeting on August 25th, 2009. I was there as an observer since my
    unimproved property had only been annexed into the city last summer. I was proud to witness
    the passion of my fellow tax payers expressing their outrage at having to pay “higher taxes
    for lowered property values”. I read in yesterday, September 9th, that the council had decided to cut the rate to the town by one-half and live a little more within their means during this recession. I want to thank you too, Scott, for having this forum
    available because the town’s website usually has information too little, too late.
    God bless us all during these turbulent times and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!
    Paul Frederiksen Ventura, California
    p.s. Any way of getting the webcam back at Giant Steps lodge? I know the Resort has its own
    budget cuts, but it provided me and I’m sure several other folks an escape from our grinds.=D

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